The Clown is a Rare Character that can be recruited during a random Event while driving. He is depicted as having a large creepy face, with quirky purple hair and a yellow outfit.

Clown says nothing when first encountered and will automatically join the team if there is only a single survivor in the team.

No stats are revealed when the Clown is recruited, but his personality stats are very bad.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The car is driving down the highway and it approaches a figure in the rain.

[Name] Slows down to see who it is.

It's a clown. It holds out a little clown horn and honks. The sound is so distorted.

Upon Recruitment

Why did you do that? Why?

If Party is full

[Name] is deeply disturbed and vows to forget this ever happened.

Upon Fleeing

[Name] jams his/her foot into the gas pedal and FLOORS IT!

Upon Fleeing (with one member)

[Name] jams his/her foot into the gas pedal and FLOORS IT!

[He/She] turns [his/her] head to the right and the clown is right there in the car with [him/her].

With a blink, the clown is gone. Maybe a hallucination?

But there's no escape. It's already in the car.

Maybe it was always in the car.

Special Abilities

If Clown's morale reaches a critical level an event will occur where Clown produces and begins to play a small music box. The music escalates and Clown vanishes from the party. This causes a unique Siege in which all zombies are zombie clowns. This siege is designed to be extremely difficult and if the player can survive it they are rewarded with a Clown Car.

In addition, if Clown is brought to the Final Siege, The City of Crushed Hopes, all of the zombies henceforth will be zombie clowns, triggering the hidden cheevo (achievement) "Day at the Circus". It also changes the background of the starting menue if you win the game.


  • Clown may be a reference to the 'Scary Clown' trope, in which clowns (who are supposed to be happy and goofy) are depicted as monstrous and scary. See 'Scary Clowns' image search. 
  • Sometimes when talking to Survivors at Trading Camps they will mention: "Beware the Clown." which is most likely referencing this rare character. 
  • Clown's attitude is always 0, although this is not revealed upon recruitment. 
  • If Clown is alone, there is a chance for this character to 'quit driving' and 'hitchhike for different people', which results in a game over. 
  • Clown is a funny clown! 

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