The Cleaning Lady is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited during an Event while driving. She is depicted as a lady in an apron with a red headscarf.

The Cleaning Lady uses the Ultra Mop, which is functionally identical to the Mop but can not break or be unequipped from her.

The Cleaning Lady does not have any guaranteed stat values, and does not reveal any stats when recruited. This makes her functionally identical to any other randomly-generated character.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

You find a woman in an abandoned town, resting in a looted store.

She's wearing a cleaning uniform.

I wear these clothes because they're comfortable and stain resistant.

And I use this mop as a weapon because it's a good weapon! That's all! Stop asking me questions!

Upon Recruiting

[Character] spins her mop rapidly around her wrist.

Time to clean up this mess!

Mop water soaks the group pretty bad.

If Party is full

Remove someone to make room:


"We really.... cleaned up!"

[Character] got rich selling a new type of mop that won't break when smashing zombies.

Special Abilities

Cleaning Lady has no special abilities.


  •  Her squinting expression suggests she may be either very tired or fed up, possibly with people criticizing her choice of weapon/attire - as her encounter text shows her getting defensive with no visible provocation.

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