Unarmed is a combat style that characters default to when no weapon is currently held. Unarmed abilities are useful as they can be an effective failsafe when weapons break. Some unarmed attacks can be used through certain Perks, and some Rare Characters have unarmed attacks by default.


By default, characters without special unarmed attacks are able to use Punch, an attack that has no power or knockback, making it the weakest attack in the game. Equipping absolutely any weapon is preferable to using it. Punching a downed zombie multiple times in succession can kill it, but is very slow and inefficient.

Martial Arts

Martial arts are specialized traditional fighting styles that are used by human characters and involve using hands or feet to inflict higher damage than a punch.


Boxing is an ability that comes with custom characters who have the Big Bruiser Perk. It has a power value of 1 and a knockback value of 0.5 but no chances for extra hits.


Karate is an unarmed style the uses kicks instead of punches. It has a power value and knockback value of 1 and is able to hit two targets per attack. Karate is exclusive to Alvis.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is an unarmed, two hit attack. It has a power value and knockback value of 1 and strikes twice in one use. Any custom characters with the Martial Artist perk are able to use Kung Fu as well as the unrecruitable character, Bryce Lu.


Sumo is a combat style that can strike up to three zombies in one hit. It has a power value of 0.75 which makes it only marginally weaker than other unarmed attacks but it makes up with the ability to strike multiple foes and a knockback value of 2, the highest of all unarmed abilities. Sumo is exclusive to the Sumo Wrestler, but players can obtain it from an event Video Casette Player if they choose to watch a sumo movie.

Super Sumo

If the Sumo Wrestler watches a sumo movie, they will learn the more powerful Super Sumo. It has a power value of 1, up from 0.75, and can hit up to four targets at once 50% of the time.

Natural Weaponry

Natural weapons are unarmed attacks used mostly by pets with a couple of exceptions. They involve the use of naturally sharp or blunt appendages to inflict damage.


Claw is a common unarmed ability used by animals and rare characters with monster-like qualities. Claw has a power value of 1. Claw is used by the following characters:

Killing a Dog merchant in a trading post makes the Claw weapon spawn on the dog corpse, which can be picked up and used by human survivors. You can kill the Dog merchant with explosives such as a Pipe bomb or Grenade.

Fierce Claw

Fierce Claw is an improved version of Claw that has a power value and knockback value of 1.5. All cats are able to use fierce claws. Fierce claw is used by the following characters:

Goat Butt

The Goat is able to use an attack known as Goat Butt which is weaker than either Claw or Fierce Claw at 0.7 power, but has a knockback value of 4. The attack can easily strike three zombies at once half the time.

Pig Butt

Some Pig is able to use a butt attack that has a high knockback of 4, and a power value of 0.7. This attack may hit up to two zombies 10% of the time.

Weak Claw

As the name suggests, it is a weaker variant of Claw and is only used by puppies; kittens default to regular Claw. It has a power value of 0.4.

Other Attacks


Poke allows its user to push zombies away. This unarmed ability is exclusive to Gnomey. Pokin' has the highest knockback value of any unarmed attack at 5, but has 0 power.