Choose UR Fate is a Driving Event that may randomly occur during the course of the game. Below are some examples, as there are other possible events, including training to increase skills or stats.


[Character] meets another survivor who rants about seeing an oiled up bodybuilder that was 'too swole to control', ripping zombies in half after bench-pressing them.


**If character's composure is low**

[Character] cruelly calls the woman a MUSCLE NERD.

[Character] +2 morale

**If character's Strength is high*

[Character] gets pumped and bench presses a car.

[Character] +1 strength

**None of the above**

The group looks nervously at each other. (No effect)

5 Bandits

Five bandits ambush the group while they are about to sneak into a zombie infested house.

The bandits speak in a half-whisper, afraid to attract undead attention. They say hand over some supplies or they'll yell.

  • Don't have the food! (low food)
  • Call bluff


Don't have the food!

[Character] explains that group doesn't have enough food. The bandits don't seem to want to risk the carnage so they accept taking less.

-8 food

Call bluff.

Time Out

The group gets a peaceful moment to rest in a safehouse, no zombies in sight.

With some spare time, they decide to:

  • Exercise for strength
  • [Character name] Teach mechanic skills
  • [Character name] Teach medical skills"


Exercise for strength

[Party] +1 strength

Teach mechanic skills

[Other party members] +1 mechanical

Teach medical skills

[Other party members] +1 medical

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