Choose UR Fate is the name of several Driving Events that may randomly occur during the course of the game. Below are some examples, as there are other possible events, including training to increase skills or stats.


[Character] meets another survivor who rants about seeing an oiled up bodybuilder that was 'too swole to control', ripping zombies in half after bench-pressing them.


**If character's composure is low**

[Character] cruelly calls the woman a MUSCLE NERD.

[Character] +2 morale

**If character's Strength is high*

[Character] gets pumped and bench presses a car.

[Character] +1 strength

**None of the above**

The group looks nervously at each other. (No effect)

5 Bandits

Five bandits ambush the group while they are about to sneak into a zombie infested house.

The bandits speak in a half-whisper, afraid to attract undead attention. They say hand over some supplies or they'll yell.

  • Don't have the food! (low food)
  • Call bluff


Don't have the food!

[Character] explains that group doesn't have enough food. The bandits don't seem to want to risk the carnage so they accept taking less.

-8 food

Call bluff.

Seemingly a 50-50 chance between no results and party being hurt.


Choice of:

  • Moral Pep Talk
  • Group First Aid
  • Tank of 80 Gas

[Angry-Strong Character] goes on a rampage

With no warning and not a single word, [Character] runs up to the nearest bandit and punches him in the face, knocking him out. Then [Character] does the same thing to a second bandit before calming down.

Everyone's stunned. The remaining three bandits decide they should quietly pick up their friends and leave.

Character's composure/strength revealed if unknown.

Time Out

The group gets a peaceful moment to rest in a safehouse, no zombies in sight.

With some spare time, they decide to:

  • Exercise for strength
  • [Character name] Teach mechanic skills
  • [Character name] Teach medical skills"


Exercise for strength

[Party] +1 strength

Teach mechanic skills

[Other party members] +1 mechanical

Teach medical skills

[Other party members] +1 medical