The Caveman is a Rare Character that was added in the August DUODENUM update. Despite the name, the Caveman is actually a female.

She is initially trapped in a block of ice. The player must attack the ice repeatedly to break it open. Upon freeing the Caveman she will offer to either join the party or train someone in Fitness or Strength. (This may no longer be true. When I asked her for tips on survival, she increased my dexterity and medical).

The Caveman's Fitness and Strength are revealed upon recruitment.

The Caveman has a unique weapon, the 'Giant Club' which can not be dropped. As her Encounter Text suggests, she can not use Firearms of any kind.

Encounter Text

Prehistoric Pal

I overslept! Urghhghhg...

The Caveman doesn't understand the mysterious ways of the future/present, and can't fire guns.

She is capable of very high amounts of maximum strength and fitness! She needs several training sessions to reach her full potential.


"Uuurrrrgh ice everywhere."

Caveman took a nap that day and was immediately encased in ice. She woke up in the far far future.

Special Abilities

Caveman's Strength can go 3 levels over the maximum while her Fitness can go 2 levels over maximum. Her stats start low however so they require training to take advantage of.


  • Despite being female Caveman's name is always 'Caveman.'
  • Based on similarities in design, Caveman may be based on Ayla from Chrono Trigger.

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