The Cardiovascular Traning is a "mini event" activated by using the: UltraMegaFit stationary cycle, found in Strength and Fitness Gyms and Gym Apartments.

Event Text

There's a deluxe UltraMegaFit brand stationary cycle here. Unlike treadmills, this works with the electricity cut off.

[party leader (pet)] unfortunately, this device just isn't designed to work with [pet name]'s body.

[party leader (human)] Considers taking a break to get some fitness traning in as he is guarded.

  • Light Exercise
  • Heavy Exercise
  • Leave it alone


Light Exercise

  • if [character]
    • is between 1-2 fitness +1(fitness) and tired
    • is above 2 fitness nothing happens
  • [character] Fitness revealed.

Heavy Exercise

  • if [character]
    • is below 3 fitness take 1 damage
    • is between 3-4 fitness +1(fitness) and tired
    • is above 4 fitness nothing happens
  • [character] Fitness revealed.


  • if [character]
    • is below 5 fitness take 1 damage
    • has 5 fitness +1(fitness) and tired
  • [character] Fitness revealed.

Leave it alone

  • what you would expect

if you do choose to exercise, the cycle cannot be used again.

these statements are all UNCONFIRMED

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