Car Breakdown is a driving event.

Event Text

The car has broken down from use and abuse. It won't start up again.

  • Abandon the car
  • [character] punches the car
  • [character] attempts to fix it


Abandon the car

  • lose the car

[character] punches the car

It is currently unknown how or if the strength status effects this outcome.

There are 3 possible results:

  • lose car
  • [character] -1 morale
  • [character] -1 strength


[Character] opens the car's hood and starts PUNCHING. S/he is as surprised as anyone when the engine roars to life! The car doesn't make it far down the road before some part that got punched catches fire.



  • fix car

[character] attempts to fix it

Mechanical<Repair Level of car

  • lose car
  • eat a meal (-2 food per party member or suffer a severe morale penalty)

Mechanical=Repair Level of car

  • fix the car (repair level+1)
  • eat a meal


  • lose car

Mechanical>Repair Level of car

  • fix the car (repair level+1)

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