Cabin With Woodstove is a Camping Event. The party is given the option to do a little manual labor in order to have an extra cozy night.

Event Text

The group finds a cabin in the woods, with no zombies in sight. It has a woodstove in it, but no wood!

  • Go out and chop wood
  • Just go to sleep


Go out and chop wood 

Who should go chop the wood? It's really hard work! (Select one party member)
[Character] chops a bunch of woods and gets the woodstove going before passing out from exhaustion.
[He/She] will be very tired tomorrow!

[Character] Tired
[Character] +1 Strength
[Character] Strength Revealed

The fire feels great!

[Low Attitude Only] Attitude revealed.
[Whole Party] +1 Morale


Just go to sleep 

Nothing Happens

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