Burnt Library is a common event.

Event Text

The group encounters a library in a town that seems to have mostly burnt down. [character] finds a single book that avoided being really damaged by the fire.

What was the book?

  • (Angry-Strong character) BOOK RAGE
  • Gigantic repair manual
  • Self-help book on positivity
  • Rhyming children's book



  • [character] +2 morale
  • [character] +1 strength
  • [everyone else] -1 morale

Gigantic repair manual

  • [whole party] +1 mechanical

Self-help book on positivity

  • +1 composure
  • +1 attitude
  • +1 morale

Rhyming children's book

  • [everyone] +morale (1-2 depending on attitude)

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