The Bullet Saleswoman or 'Bullet Surplus' as the event is titled, is a Trader that can be located within the Trader Camp. She offers to sell Pistol Bullets for Food at a ratio of 8:1.

A total of 15 Food can be traded total before the Bullet Saleswoman runs out.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The Group talks to a friendly scavenger who is selling extra bullets. She claims to not use pistols due to how gunshots rile up zombies.

She offers 8 bullets for every food item she gets.

Rob the Trader

[Name] grabs a few boxes of bullets, then runs. The scavenger was lying about not using firearms, and sends some extra bullets towards the Group.


  • If you're too lazy to do the math here's how many bullets you get per transaction:
    • 15 Food = 120 Bullets
    • 10 Food = 80 Bullets
    • 5 Food = 40 Bullets

After buying if you have charm:

The trader falls for [Character] Charm and gives extra! +30 Bullets.

[Character] Wits and Attitude Relvealed