Bryce Lu is a Rare Character that can be encountered during an Event. He is based on a famous martial artist by the name of Bruce Lee.

The group will spot Bryce Lu sneaking through crowds of zombies (despite his jumpsuit colour) and can go on a scavenging run to investigate. If found he will explain he got cornered and needs help escaping.

If the party can escort Bryce Lu back to the car and escape he will teach a chosen party member an unarmed attack, similar to the 'Martial Artist' Perk.

10- Kung Fu to Canada00:59

10- Kung Fu to Canada

Bryce Lee teaser from Kepa's Youtube channel.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

While driving through a very crowded city, the group sees a survivor sneaking through the crowds. He's doing a pretty good job being sneaky, despite his bright yellow jumpsuit.

Upon Speaking To

Bryce Lu says he is glad [Name] showed up.

He got cornered while trying to sneak past the city on foot. He offers to teach [Name] an anti-zombie martial arts technique if he can get a ride out of here.

Upon Escaping

Bryce Lu gets out of the car once it drives safely past the swarmed city.

In return for the help, he teaches [Kill fu] how to splat zombies with his/her bare hands!


  • The signature yellow jumpsuit that Bryce Lu is portrayed in, was never actually used in any film starring Bruce Lee. It was intended for a movie by the name of 'The Game of Death' but Bruce sadly died during filming.

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