Boring Stop is a common Camping Event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group finds an empty spot along the road that looks as good as any.

The weather is clear and there's no sign of danger in any direction.

  • Eat and Rest
  • [Paranoid character]: Can't fool me! (available when a party member has the Paranoid Trait)


Eat and Rest

The group sets up camp in this boring but safe looking spot.

  • Characters eat a meal and prevents tired status

[Paranoid character]: Can't fool me!

[Character] decides that the spot looks TOO safe and the group ends up PEELING OUT of there, fast, without eating or sleeping.

[Character]'s feeling smug in knowing they avoided that threat.

  • [paranoid character]: +1 morale, tired status
  • rest of party: -1 morale, tired status (this includes other paranoid party members)
  • no meal is consumed that day (but there is significantly less of a morale penalty than there is when normally skipping meals)

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