Billy is a recruitable Rare Character based on the protagonist from the game Ridiculous Fishing. He is depicted as an old bearded gentleman whose eyes are hidden under a fisherman's hat. He wears a blue shirt and brown trousers.

He carries three weapons that can not be changed; a Ridiculous Pistol, Shotgun, and a Ridiculous Fishing Pole.

When Billy is added to your party he will already have full ammo for both of his weapons. Upon recruitment it's revealed his Shooting stat is higher than average.

Billy must pick up ammo to reload his guns.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

[The Group] is taking a break near a lake. There's an old man in the distance, fishing. He flips the fishing rod and dozens of fish fly high into the air. He gets out a pistol and starts shooting them. The world seems to shake. During the middle of this, he switches out for a shotgun.

Upon Recruiting

[Character] finds a rowboat. It takes awhile to get to the old man. The man doesn't talk and his expression is hard to read, but he steps on your boat.

Revealed Stats


Special Abilities

If you have screen shake turned on, the screen will shake a ridiculous amount every time Billy fires his Shotgun or his Pistol.

If Billy's morale gets too low and he leaves the party, his leaving event will cause the rest of the party to lose two hit points.


  •  Ridiculous fishing is a game about using extremely destructive methods to fish. This is reflected in Billy's event text and weapons.

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