Berry Picking in Zombie Games is a Camping Event that the party can encounter. The party finds a campsite surrounded by edible berry bushes. They can take some for the road if they don't mind skipping out on sleep.

Event Text Edit

The group sets up camp for the night after being sure there's no danger here. 

They discover edible berry bushes all around the campsite! 

The berries wouldn't be a big amount of food for the work and the sleepless night, but every bit could help.

  • Pick berries all night
  • Go to sleep

Outcomes Edit

Pick berries all night Edit

The group picks berries all night and puts them into whatever containers are handy.

[Party] +3 Food per Human in party
[Party] TIRED


Go to sleep Edit

The group really doesn't want to pick berries for 8 hours.

Nothing happens

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