Bee Trouble! is a driving event.

Event Text

A bee flies into the car! Even with the window open, it doesn't leave. It keeps flying right into the group's faces!

This could be the biggest challenge, yet!

  • PANIC!
  • [character] swats the bee / [dog] eats the bee
  • [character] ignores it (requires oblivious trait)
  • [character] tells bee to "COOL IT"



  • Vehicle takes damage
  • Group is unharmed

Swat the bee / Eat the bee

  • [character] takes 1 damage (lethal)
  • [character]'s composure is revealed (Composure is not revealed if eaten)

Ignore it (requires oblivious trait)

  • Nothing happens


  • [character] takes 1 damage
  • [character] morale decreases 1

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