Beavers are Rare Characters that appear on the final mission at Canada's Border. They can also be recruited at the start of a new game if playing on 1st July (Canada Day).

They guard the border to Canada (along with some Mounties and a Moose) and will begin to fight off zombies in the final seconds before the player's party is permitted to pass the border and meet the Prime Minister of Canada.

Encounter Text

Someone has filled your car full of hockey sticks! This must be some sort of CANADA DAY prank!

Something stirs in the giant nest of hockey sticks. A large rodent pokes its head out of the pile.

Beaver joins the team!

Onward to Canada!


Beaver was finally a free animal again, and vanished into the wilderness.


  • The Beaver is Canada's national animal.
  • The Beaver can only be recruited when playing the game on 1st July. There is no other way to recruit him, much like with Santa, Turkey, and Uncle Sam.
  • If the beaver dies, it had its own Skeleton.

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