Battle Rodent is a recruitable Rare Character added in the June 2017 - COCCYX Update.

Battle Rodent can be purchased from Gnomey for 20 ZP. They will then have the opportunity to join the team.

It is a super intelligent pet that joins with the Shield of Hope Perk and the Tiny Eater Trait. Like other pets, Battle Rodent has 2 Vitality, and increased movement speed.

Battle Rodent's name upon joining has a 50% chance to be either 'R*O*U*S' or 'Gnort.'

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter


These words from Tnomey echo in your mind.



is some kind of gerbil or something? I don't know.

Special Abilities

Battle Rodent joins with the Shield of Hope perk which allows it to resist dying if morale is higher than 2. Damage causes Morale to drop instead.

If the Battle Rodent obliterates the small garden gnome at the bottom of the cliff with a rock their morale will increase like normal, unlike Gnomey who's reaction is a decrease in morale.


  • BR's description text states: is a freakishly large, gnomeless rodent. I think it's some kind of... gerbil.
  • Normally Gerbil/Rodent characters have 0 Strength but Battle Rodent has 4 instead.
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