Barricading Before Bed is a common Camping Event. A character will need to secure the house or stay on watch for zombie attacks.

Failing the Mechanical check for this event will cause a Wits check, giving an extra opportunity to get a positive outcome.

Event Text

At the end of the day, the group hides in a drafty old house. Some zombies roam around outside, and the doors of the house are barely on their hinges.

Should someone barricade the house?

  • [Select a Character]
  • Stay on watch all night


[Select a Character]

[Character] barricades the flimsy house.

[Character] Mechanical Revealed

Mechanical Check


[He/She] quickly reinforces problem spots. They now seem very secure!

[Character] +1 Mechanical 
(If Mechanical is below 4)


Wits Check

[Character] Wits Revealed


[He/She] improvises. The results don't look pretty, but manage to keep the zombies out.

[Character] +1 Mechanical 
(If Mechanical is below 3)


[He/She] nails some planks on some doors, but they keep falling off. The group is attacked during the night!

[Whole Party] -1 Health (Fatal)

Stay on watch all night [Select Character]

Not trusting [his/her] ability to barricade the house, [Character] stays on watch all night instead. [He/She] is exhausted in the morning.

[Character] Tired


  • Unlike other camping events, Loyalty does not impact the character's ability to stay awake if the 'stay on watch all night' option is selected.

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