The bar is a location you can visit. In here there will most likely be a person who is ''drunk on soda''. If you feed the person one food (you have to use food you already looted during this mission), they will follow you and you can recruit him/her later. The bar is also one location where you can find a throwing bottle.

If you have a dog in your party, select the dog and you will get a special option to "lick the drunk person's face" this will wake up the drunk person without wasting a single unit of food.

If you have somebody with high medical in your party, you will be able to skip having to give the person food by reviving them with medical skills, but it costs medical supplies.

If you don't have the food, a dog or someone with good enough medical you will have the option to poke them for 4 hours which will wake them up but also speed the time up by 4 hours, which may cause it to become nighttime.

The bar also may contain a "love tester" it's not guaranteed that you will find one. The first time you interact with the machine it will say one of the following things, but it is possible there is more.


all of these will result in a +1 morale for the interacting character furthermore you can use it as many times as you want, but instead will result in a -1 morale, here are the following sayings:


There is a chance for any of these to appear and can be in any order and also can appear twice. It is also possible there is more sayings. this will need more testing. Like said all of these result in a -1 morale, unless the interacting character has a good attitude furthermore if character does have high attitude interacting with the machine will not decrease attitude no matter how many times you use it. (After first interaction) one of the two results will show up (depending on attitude)

  1. high attitude (attitude 4 or higher?): "[character]'s Love Tester rating: (one of the above sayings) [character] laughs this off, but a part of him/her dies this day."
  2. low attitude (3 or lower?): "[character]'s Love Tester rating: (one of the above sayings) [character] is infuriated by this humiliation [character]'s morale decreases [-1 morale]

despite the fact that it says "but a part of him/her dies this day" nothing changes about the character its possible that this was added in as a joke.