Bandit Watch is a Camping Event the party can encounter while driving. The party needs to sleep but there have been bandit sightings, someone needs to stay on watch.

The supplies lost for falling asleep vary in amount based on availability of supplies and current Game Mode.

Event Text

It's nearly time to camp, but there has been a lot of signs of bandits to day. Someone needs to be awake in case of an attack.

Who should stay up on watch?

  • [Select a Character]
  • Keep driving


[Select a Character]

[Character] stands guard for the night.

[Character] Loyalty Revealed

Low Loyalty

[He/She] falls asleep almost instantly. The next morning, a bunch of supplies are missing.

[Party] A quarter of current Food, Gas, Ammo, and Medical supplies lost
[Party] Half of current Food, Gas, Ammo, and Medical supplies lost

Average Loyalty or Higher

[He/She] manages to stay awake, but feels pretty bad in the morning.

[Character] Tired
[Character] -1 Morale


Keep driving

The group refuses to camp in a dangerous area, and spends a tense and sleepless night driving through the dark.

[Whole Party] Tired
[Whole Party] -1 Morale

50% Chance

The car veers off the road and crashes into a tree.

[Vehicle] -2 Damage

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