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An Arcade is a location that can be visited during the Always be Looting event.

Arcades have few supplies that can be found within it. They feature gachapon prize machines that can be broken open for food, morale, or strength/fitness training. There are also some vending macines with food.

All arcades have a playable arcade machine. There are about 2-3 that can be found within the location. Playing with the arcade machines will give the player a morale boost and a shooting skill boost. If a survivor has a high mechanical skill, they are able to dismantle the arcade machines and siphon gas out of them.

Using the arcade machines will cause time to pass and, in that time, zombies will spawn. It is advised that you have other group members around to guard the character interacting with the machines. If not guarded, they will have to defend themselves against more zombies.


Dead Arcade

As the name suggests, it is an arcade with a fairly sluggish crowd of zombies

Swarmed Arcade

Swarmed arcades have a significantly larger horde of zombies that are usually more aggresive as well.

Arcade (city)

Within city events, players may choose to visit a small arcade building which contains only one playable arcade machine.