The Anime Store is a rare bonus location that can randomly spawn during an Always Be Lootin' event. It can only spawn in open maps like strip malls.

The shop contains many Otaku Katanas and different manga spread across the floor. The manga can provide a +1 morale boost for low attitude characters. Reading the comics takes 1 in-game hour, which can increase the game's difficulty by spawning more zombies, increasing their hostility, and reducing visibility.

Furthermore, there are four NPC's walking around the shop, all of them armed with Otaku Katanas. They are Mort, Mark, Dave and Clyde, and will follow the player around if talked to. They will fight zombies alongside the player for the duration of the event, but will not join the player after leaving the map.

A compartment within the shop will yield a destructible box containing Anime Girl masks. Wearing a mask transforms the selected character into an Anime Girl. Putting on the Anime Girl mask a second time will cause the mask to become melted and distorted, but nothing else will happen if it is equipped again after that.

If the anime girl speaks to one of the Otaku Katana-weilding NPC's, she will be lifted from her anime curse and won't explode in a number of days.


  • The members of the Anime Store are a direct reference to KC Green's Gunshow comic, which portrayed Mort, Mark, Dave and Clyde as part of the Anime Club.