Sasquatch is an Event the player can encounter while driving.

Event Text

[Name] sees a sasquatch on the side of the road, minding its own damn business.

  1. Bigfoot ain't real
  2. Turn around and investigate
  3. [Strongest character] tries to wrestle it.


Bigfoot ain't real

[The group] speeds on. [Name] really wanted to believe, but tells him/her self to "COOL IT."

If character has trait that can tell people to "COOL IT"

[Name] rubs it in by saying "COOL IT" a second time.


  • Morale = DOWN
  • Cool-it = UP (x2 if said second time)

Turn around and investigate

[The group] turns the car around to investigate. [The group] finds only a single large footprint where the sasquatch was alledged to be. [Character] snaps an instant photo he/she wants to believe.


  • Morale (Character) = UP x2

Character tries to wrestle it

[Name] leaps from the car and locks arms with the sasquatch.


If Character has max strength

The sasquatch is no match for him/her and submits easily

  • Strength = REVEALED
  • Morale (whole party) = UP x2

If Character succeeds strength check

After what seems like hours of "the wrastle" the sasquatch finally submits.

  • Strength = REVEALED + UP
  • Fitness = REVEALED + UP
  • Morale (whole party) = UP x2

If Character fails strength check

He/She is immediately put into an arm bar. This sasquatch knows Judo. [Name] is forced to submit to the greater opponent.

  • Strength = REVEALED + UP
  • Morale = DOWN