The Ammo Emporium Dog is a Trader found in Trader Camps. His appearance can vary but he will always be a dog walking around on his hind paws.

The Ammo Emporium Dog offers smaller quantities of all ammo types for set food amounts.

A character with the 'Friend of Dog' Perk can use 'Dog Psychology' to get a decent amount of free ammo for each type.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The Group finds a dog surrounded by a bunch of ammo. The dog speaks:


It offers 5 bullets, 4 rifle ammo, and 3 shotgun shells per food item.


  • For those too lazy to do the math here's what you can get for each trade:
    • 15 Food = 75 Bullets, 60 Rounds, 45 Shells
    • 10 Food = 50 Bullets, 40 Rounds, 30 Shells
    • 5 Food = 25 Bullets, 20 Rounds, 15 Shells
  • The Ammo Emporium Dog will drop their claw weapon if they pick up another weapon, you can pick up the weapon this way.
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