The Alien is a Rare Character that can be found at the UFO landing site. It uses the Ray gun.

When first arriving at the UFO landing site it will be under Siege. If the Player can keep the Alien alive until the end of the Siege, it will grant them the ability to open and drive the UFO which takes no gas to drive.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

Aliens exist for real! YOU KNEW IT! The Alien is a little busy at the moment! Try talking later, if it survives this siege!

Upon Encounter (After Siege)

Aliens exist for real! YOU KNEW IT! The alien pokes [Character] with a glowing finger. His/Her brain is filled with information about how to open slightly more complicated unlocked car doors! The alien takes this opportunity to run away. This also raises the morale of the character by one after they unlock the car.


  • The Alien's design resembles the common 'Roswell' alien design that features grey skin, large cranium, and elongated solid black eyes.

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