Direct Change Log

Lots and lots of requests, including the Team Orders menu and co-op tweaks and fixes! Now you can have finer control over the behavior of your followers, including what weapons they use. 

Update speed is going to slow down for awhile as we work the first big content update. Check announcements for news on this! We'll still do some smaller updates until then, for both fixes and for things we want to add in early. 


- New ability to set team orders for combat preferences and tactics! 
- The old defaults are called TACTIC: DEFEND and COMBAT: EITHER. 
- COMBAT: SMASHIN! tells your group only use melee weapons. 
- COMBAT: SHOOTIN! tells your group to only use firearms. 
- TACTICS: RUNNIN! makes everyone try to stay close to you, and makes them ignore zombies. It also stops them from picking things up. 
- TACTICS: FIGHTIN! makes everyone try to kill every close zombie they see, instead of waiting for zombies to get close. 
- Group can ignore your orders in some situations. 

- Fixed some bugs for Player 2 accidentally controlling Player 1. 
- New AI indicator for co-op, as a little running man. 
- Messages for joining/leaving co-op. 

- Fixed a bug that made the AI buddies use guns far less than they should have been in the default DEFEND mode. This bug has been in since release, so they'll get out firearms way more easily now. 

- LOOT tab changed to TEAM tab. 
- Team tab now contains all the team loot info in a single tab, plus Orders. 
- Bottom of team tab lets you swap leader, like the weapon swap tab. 
- The game now remembers what tab you were on and where your cursor was in the pause screen. Unpausing and repausing keeps your tab position. 

- Molotov now sails over zombie heads like a grenade or pipebomb. 
- Molotov fire patch now lasts much longer. 

- A megafailure robbery will no longer do 3 damage to the main robber. Now it's locked at 2, so it's possible to survive without vitality buffs. 

- L*nk's special items, except for his swords, now go to the trunk when he gets them. 
- L*nk's special items are no longer stuck to him (except for his sword). 
- LNK bombs no longer regenerate until they're completely used up. 

- Lighting tweaks. 
- Health indicator heart doesn't linger so long after death now. 

- Game now tracks if a gator ate your car keys, for text events. 

- Turning a special character into a dog now UNLOCKS THEIR MAIN WEAPON. This is for weird bug purposes, but it's exploitable so go nuts. 
- Slightly nerfed chainsaw damage now that it's an avatar of the death god. 
- Propane tank, tire, big tire, cinderblock health reduced downwards. 
- You can no longer whiff the deer shot if your skill is super high. 
- Changes to Ultimatum text if you only have two people left. 
- Changes to booting someone out to account for only one person left. 
- Made shotguns and rayguns count as guns for CYOA event checks. 
- Better collision against circular objects and cars. 
- Valkyrie fixes. 
- Safe opening text more vague now. 

- Weapons like pipebombs and other stackables now stack better. 
- Runnin' mode now prevents followers from picking up weapons. 
- When you're standing near a weapon on the floor, that weapon's name now shows up. 
- Fixed a glitch where an AI buddy could get stuck swapping their weapons over and over while standing on top of a different weapon. 
- Some more logging for system crashes. 

- A couple more lab rooms. 
- Rewording for the last Canada events so it hints how many more there are. 
- Lots of little tweaks and fixes. 

- Removed some advanced crash logging that could cause some slowdowns 
- Fix for some old detours taking negative gas, leading to a +gas error when it reduced you to nothing. 

- Better handling for trashed rooms and locations. This was causing some new houses and apartments to have 2 or 3 blank rooms. 
- Fix for the entire world becoming zombie cops if you found a single zombie cop. We shouldn't have fixed this.

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