Direct Change Log

This introduces a big change to how you pick the non-city scavenging locations! These are now known as "Always Be Looting" events, for simplicity. 

Edit: Now up for Mac! 

Still working on the AORTA content update. Will post news on that later in the week! 

- Old "Drive to another location" system removed. 
- New system: You instead get a choice of 2 scavenging locations, or to reroll them once for a gas cost. 
- 10% chance added of getting 3 choices, instead. 
- Explorer now sets the extra choice chance to 100%. 
- Higher explorer ranks give a discount to the gas cost for rerolling. Rerolls give 6 total locations for as little as 15 gas in the default car, a huge buff. 
- Explorer perk description updated with these changes. 

- Tweaks to hit detection vs walls. Goal is making it easier to hit zombies near walls. 

- Better fullscreen resolution calls. 
- More tweaks to the fullscreen modes. 

- Camera now adjusts to take Player 2 into account. 
- Adding some fixes for Linux. 

- Character validation for save loading 
- New cursor experiment 
- Save the character's slot count 
- Rain is now slightly transparent 

- DSYP can no longer sometimes fart infinitely. We shouldn't have fixed this bug. 
- Toilet Genie should really not pick up loot again for real this time. 

- Sewer now warns you if you're about to abandon someone 
- Meat Cleaver +33% power buff just because 
- Pipebombs now have only 80% the explosive radius as grenades 
- Some starting hint text updates

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