Direct Change Log

We might do another big update tonight. This one has a bunch of tweaks and fixes. Next one coming up, we're trying to get in the TEAM ORDERS menu! 

- Heart report when injured 
- Player 2 now gets to control menus 

- Fixed a bug with the chainsaw being way less powerful than intended. 
- Chainsaw now has a flashing gas indicator when it's down to the last 10 gas. 
- More logging and crashproofing 
- Game will now automatically save crash logs in the same place as the save files 
- Fixed some human melee collision vs rectangular hitboxes 
- Some particle fixes 

- Made the junkyard goal (the junk pals, the keys, note, etc) spawn a little lower. This should clear up some cases where it would get stuck. 
- Dog Mega-Ammo-Trader is now vulnerable to Dog Psychology if Friend of Dog. 
- One big building in a city has now been changed to being partially trashed, mostly to make cities a little shorter. 
- To compensate, city kitchens have more guaranteed food on the ground. 1 to 3 food at random, in addition to any rare food that spawns. 

- Machete is 3 food cheaper. 
- Knight Sword, Medieval Axe, and Claymore are 5 food cheaper. 

- Some Junkyard Dog text changes. 
- Fix for the Junkyard dog not recognizing femur if held in third slot. 

- Cinderblock, tires, and big tires no longer have immense amounts of health. They're still pretty durable. 
- Dumpsters much less durable. But still very much so. 
- Coffee overdose sickness now clears after the mission. 
- Coffee can no longer kill you. 
- Having someone rest now properly clears their TIRED status. 
- C**l-It trigger is a little more consistent 
- Pause between events is now a little shorter if you're out of medical supplies. 
- Fixed an event bug where it said your car made a jump even if your car exploded. 
- Some typo corrections.

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