Direct Change Log

Minor fixes. If there's problems, let us know! If there's no problems we'll get up Mac and Linux by tomorrow. Mac will come after Linux, since we're also doing a specific fix for a Mac issue later. 

Weekend update coming: AI tweaks, some fixes, and a surprise new system. 

- Trying out a different cursor for keyboard/controller 

- Fix for grenades/pipebombs/molotovs hitting zombies by mistake. 
- Tweaked throwing ranges for the above three weapons. 
- You can now carry 6 grenades or 6 pipebombs in a stack. 
- AI followers will now ignore pipebombs and grenades. 

- Trading camp trainers now no longer charge you extra for having dogs they can't train in your party. 
- The Curse of Anime can REALLY be removed now. 

Edit: Now up for Linux. 
8/19 Edit: Fix put up for Linux. Still working on a Mac save issue.

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