Direct Change Log for Update #1

This update adds more controller support and fixes, and solves the Canada Crash that was affecting some people. 

The focus of the next small SPLEEN update will be more AI work and fixes for the remaining white box issues some people are having. Also maybe some new weapons to find. 

I plan on posting a news update about the big content update later this week. It may be delayed a little bit due to all the smaller updates we've been doing, but will see. 


- Fix for the Canada crash that mostly happened to Mac users. 
- Controllers in the controls menu now properly shows the name of each button 
- New system for controller initialization 
- Controllers now have more failsafes for some errors 
- Fixes for Player 2 controllers not saving bindings properly. Let us know in comments if this still happens for you! 

- Collision and AI work. 
- Initial work on some new weapons. 
- Slightly tweaked ending where man returns to the stars. 

- New colors for menu buttons. 
- Dogs can NOT eat chocolate. 
- Events can now check for umbrellas. 

- Easier bandits now take a quarter food in some cases where they previously took half. 
- Karate (Alvis' kicking attack) buffed a little bit. 
- Bruce can now train someone that already has Kung Fu, giving them Kill Fu. 
- More tweaks to the Bruce and Danger Rangers cities. 
- You can now quit the tutorial early by going through the first door. 
- Toilet Genie can no longer get eaten by zombies. I don't agree with this change but everyone kept whining about it. 
- Pet shops now have 2 recruitable dogs in them, sometimes 3. 
- The previous no-interaction dogs in pet shops were removed because they were confusing. Now every dog you see in there can be recruited (if you have the right perk). 
- Pet Shop dogs now get directly recruited to your party, with no need to rescue them first. 
- A little more food in Pet Shops. 
- Cardboard tube cleaving buff for no good reason. 
- DSYP now gets his fart counter reset and given a maximum fart increase if he reads Giant Farts Monthly. 

- Typo fixes.

Direct Change Log for Update #2

A second update today, to sneak in some extra fixes for controllers and other things, included fixes for some rare events not spawning properly. Let us know if there's any problems with this update, we can always revert it to the earlier one from the morning. 

EDIT: 8/17 - Now up for Mac! 

- Start button should now be set to START by default. 
- Controller defaults for player 2 are re-enabled. 
- Fixes for Player 2 controls getting messed up and also controlling Player 1. 
- Joystick mapping should be more clear in the options menus. 

- Fixed a weird bug that prevented the Danger Rangers, Hazmat Sewer, and Kung Fu Master events from being playable for some. 

- Fixes for the Sacrificial Altar only spawning gas, instead of the 7 different things it could spawn. 
- Improved Evil Goblin Smoke effects. 
- New effect and spawning code for the Locked Safes. 
- Magical Wishing Fish now uses the new spawning code too. 

- Dropped weapons will no longer hit things. 
- Further bottle lobbing. 
- Fixed some collision with carried items and thrown weapons. 
- Extra checks to make sure recently spawned weapons from safes and such to be invincible. 
- Fixed boomerangs bouncing off stuff while on the floor. 
- Fixed weapons damaging other weapons if colliding with each other. 

- Alien raygun sound effects are back. 
- Added some trees to the alien map.

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