Direct Change Log

New update! Windows and Mac for now, Linux coming soon. I'll update this post when Linux is available. Let us know if there's any new problems! 


- You can now mess with your equipment whenever you want. It's in the pause menu when on the road screen or road event screen. Let us know if this leads to any cheesy exploit. 
- Co-op entering car AI fixed. 
- Fixed the game mode screen not properly unlocking things right away until you restarted the game. 
- Fixed the game dumping you back to the title screen too quickly if you killed your entire party in a robbery attempt. 


- New indicator for leaving a map on foot. 
- Easier stacking of items in the trunk itself. 
- Both USE and ATTACK will throw a carried chair. 
- SWAP now drops a carried chair. 
- Tutorial now reflects the new button changes to throwing chairs 
- AI buddies now have weapon rumble. 
- You can no longer throw pipebombs while inside a car. 

- Anime girl fix for the "Nothing happening here" text. It was related to her name -chan additions. 
- Fixed some room generation errors with the rangers. 
- Potential fix for the silent danger rangers bug. 

- Game now remembers your starting car as Car Nut. Currently for the purpose of having the Deja Vu car finding event be accurate. 
- Fixed a bug that prevented the god-tier melee weapons from killing 4 zombies at once. 
- Some more logging for a trunk crash 

- Full hardware fullscreen mode, by request. 
- Imrpovements to windowing. 
- Better debug messages for the whitebox error people. 
- Expanded error logging. 

- Fixed a bug with moving out of the custom characters screen, that glitched out the buttons on the main menu 
- Corrections to the loot report

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