Direct Change Log

Here's a big update we've been working on in the testing branch. Note: If you weren't getting custom characters in Familiar Faces mode, this update lets you fix it by saving a new custom character 


- Car breakdown is less subject to RNG, now much more deterministic. 

- New healing system! Now you constantly attempt healing when driving, so it's more of a steady trickle. 
- Bad medical skill now takes more supplies, while medical over :) only takes 1 supply per health. 
- Medical skill over 3 now gives you double heal attempts per session, with maxed medical giving you triple attempts or a free heal if you're out of medical supplies. 
- Medical training from healing now stops at 3. 
- Old healing event can still be found in resting events and some other places. 

- Dogs are now much easier to train how to drive a car. 
- Old obscure training method now gives extra stat bonuses in addition. 

- There was a bug that made it easier than expected to run through large crowds of zombies. That's fixed now. 

- Billy now gets a Ridiculous Fishing Pole so he can melee things. 
- Boomerang nerf for using it in melee range. 

- Toilets adjusted 

- Claymore costs 40 food now. 
- Heavy swords now have a 100% chance to cleave 4 targets, up from 60% 


- If you've beaten a game mode, it now mentions how many times you've on on the game mode screen. 

- You can now unequip weapons on the road screen. You can't currently unequip weapons in a CYOA screen on the road, but we're thinking about making it so you can. 

- Support for up to 64 custom characters, up from 16. 
- Custom chars will save much faster. 

- Pathfinding tweaks for your AI buddies not avoiding things they could easily push around. 

- Zweihander added. 
- Music now plays on title by popular request. 


- Display fixes for black screen bugs, white boxes bug, and more 

- Fix for the Familiar Faces bug, where custom characters wouldn't show up if you didn't press Randomize when making them. 

- Fixes for some co-op and co-op controls bugs. 
- New default deadzone for controllers. 

- Fix for some special characters with locked weapons also locking the weapons of people in your party if you went into the Trunk screen. 
- Fixed Woof's head being too high. 
- Safes can no longer be destroyed. 
- Fixed a crash involving going through door when throwing a windstar 
- Fixed weirdness for putting " in a character name 
- Limit of 96 pixels for char names in creator 
- Fixes for ending crash 
- Crash volume reduced 
- Car now doesn't get stuck if you're driving in the tunnel map on a really wide monitor. 
- No more trees in UFO encounter. 
- Bunker fix for getting stuck there. 
- Changed the Mechanic perk description to give more leeway to how bad it is at the lowest perk level. 
- Opening a safe or sacrificing someone to an altar will now drop the weapon you get to the south of the object, instead of sometimes inside the object. 
- Temperament is now known as Composure... easier to understand? 
- Tree lift event text states that you'll need a strong team to pass it. 
- RPM blurb changed to make more sense given game mechanics 
- Trimmed beat the game credits, expanded info credits. 

- Lots more fixes and tweaks.

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