Direct Update Log

This is for Windows, and primarily tries to fix crashing bugs some people have been having. Linux and Mac updates will come later, once we do a content update after some fixes and feedback requests we want to get through. 

Send feedback and thoughts! Especially if you still get a crash. 


- Crash fix related to the zombie guts that could happen even before attacking any zombies. This was likely the biggest cause of crashes. Check to see if it crashes now, if you had issues before! 

- The Vehicle tab in the road pause screen now shows what game mode you're playing. 

- Fixed game mode tracking getting messed up if you closed the game fully and then reloaded a save. This was preventing new game modes from getting cleared. 

- Better reporting for crashes. The RISKY CODES are more detailed now, if you send us what they said. 

- Temporarily shut off quitting+saving from road events. You can still save if you pause when the car is driving. We'll fix this soon. 

- Looking into some weirdness with Familiar Characters mode. 

- Error sprite (pink face) will show up if something goes horribly wrong. 

- Some typo fixes that players sent in.

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