Direct Change Log

This is the Halloween update we did that last news post about. We ended up doing a lot more stuff than we expected! It's a pretty beefy update, and includes both some Halloween specific stuff and long awaited features. 

This should be the last big SPLEEN update before we do AORTA in November. 

Let me know in the comments below if there's any problems! Or send feedback by Twitter: @rocketcatgames 


- Cats are in. Evolutionary pressure in the apocalypse has caused them to revert back to something like a mountain lion. They're big and angry. 
- Couple different ways to get cats recuirted to your team. They'll always be very rare, but we may add more ways to get them later. 
- Special events for cats. Despair, car driving, and more. 
- Cats don't give two poops about Canada or driving cars (pardon my French). 
- Cats can't become Superdogs in the usual sense. 
- Future support for more pet types. Currently in as failsafes, like if someone decides to try to make a pet mod. 

- Losing a character in a CYOA event will now cause that character's weapons to drop into the trunk automatically! 
- There are some events that will still eat cause you to lose your weapons, so beware. This mostly includes events where you're betrayed, or events where someone is completely obliterated off the face of the earth. 
- Wielded weapon will drop to the trunk first. It will overwrite your trash slot if the trunk is completely full. If trunk is full, extra weapons will be lost. 
- "No drop" weapons won't end up in the trunk. No getting L*NK's sword, for example. 

- Halloween weirdness if you play the game tomorrow. 
- Vampires like in the Twilight novels. 
- Mummies? I don't know. 
- Dancing skeletons. 
- Death itself. 
- Fancy new megaweapon. 
- New graveyard location! 
- New TERRIFYING trader in trader camps. 
- New rare city building with the Would You Kindly stream team, based on the results of the Death Road to Canada pre-launch race that they utterly failed at. 
- Some characters can float or even fly now. 
- Improved broom type. 

- New Scythe weapon, somewhere in between a machete and knight sword in the weapon tiers. 
- Currently the scythe can be obtained a couple of ways in the existing farmer help event. We will add a couple more ways to get it in the next content update. 

- Some NPC wandering behavior fixes. 
- Starting food changed so that the Ultrafit food bonus finally works. 
- Functionality added for checking if your current weapons could bash a door in, for events. 
- Fixed a particle effect glitch. 
- Greatly expanded the event handler for characters, allowing for fancier special abilities.

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