Direct Change Log

This is the update we've been working on recently on the testing branch. It mostly involves a lot of adjustments to the follower AI. This should lead to a pretty big change for making rolling with a big group more viable. 

Coming up Satuday is news on what we're doing with the content updates. The AI revamp took some time, so I think what we'll do is release the next update in two parts. 

Changes in this update: 

- Lots and lots of adjustments to the AI, for followers and zombies. 
- New pathfinding system them lets followers handle panic situations and small gaps better. 
- Fix for a "going through door" crash. 
- Fix for one cause of AI running around the car uselessly instead of going inside. 
- Less fine pathfinding in huge maps, to fix a slowdown issue in the very endgame. 
- Removed that tiny cage gap in the rare bunker map because AI couldn't handle it. 
- AI tries to muscle through objects when it can see you past them. 
- AI tries to pathfind around bunches of zombies, considering thick crowds as a wall and thinner crowds as something to push past. 
- AI tries to move around objects while pathfinding based on mass/solidity 
- Fixed some glitches with door passage/detection for AI 
- AI should be less dumb about getting in the car when in melee FIGHT! mode. 

- Your buddies should now much more quickly follow your orders on guns vs melee, though usually not instantly. 

- AI should no longer FREAK OUT with weapon swapping if they have 3 weapons and are standing on a fourth weapon. 
- AI values the melee power of firearms more, so they should prefer pistol whipping if they think their other melee weapons are crappy. 
- AI values crappy weapons about half of what they used to, for using or picking them up. This includes spatulas, wood, and femurs. They'll still pick them up if desperate or if they want to annoy you. 
- AI values keeping firearms more. 

- Fixed a bug involving AI turning right. This should solve another problem with them not getting in a car right away, let us know if they do this again. 
- Dogs should no longer drop and pick up the same item repeatedly.

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